Thoughts about tech & marketing before AI takes over

All content is equal but some is more equal than others

February 5, 2023 | By Lawrence Ladomery
Have you tried ChatGPT? Incredible, right? But what happens when everyone can create good content?

Tools like Jasper, Bertha AI, and many more are already transforming the content production industry. The $50-a-post freelancer on Fiverr should be upskilling ’cause work will dry up soon.

This is good. With the machines doing the heavy lifting folk can focus on more strategic tasks like SEO, distribution, making (human) connections and writing content beyond the billionth listicle.

New tools will leverage AI to output more business-contextual content – the next step following personalization. Starting with the marketing automation platforms we all know and love.

But AI doesn’t form its own opinions. It’s great a producing a collage but lacks a creative spark. It can’t string together ideas that are not connected by the graph.

AI can’t counter the intuitive.

Are you ready for content to become soullessly useful? Like most of what’s published today, but written like a bored editor and in a longer form. And MUCH more of it. Like the promise of certain types of centralized economies.

This isn’t an Orwellian scenario. The challenge here is volume. If a blog post that took a content farm two hours to write can now be generated in two minutes… they will publish sixty. A significant spike in volume impacts searchability, cognition, and even infrastructure.

About the latter – Open AI’s servers are already struggling to keep up, imagine when millions of us are going to be using it daily. Someone will have to pay for the extra bandwidth and data centers.

Who stands out wins. Every. Time.

Like this heading. ⬆

The format – A larger, bolder, toothpaste-white font on a dark green background, and appended with an overly dramatic ‘Every. Time.’ – will have caught your attention.

There will come a time when you’ll be able to brief ChatGPT to include these tricks; so how do you stand out?

Seth Godin told us long ago: be remarkable. Or just… thoughtful.

Like my analysis of website performance of 1,500 homepages of agency websites, with its data-driven plot weaved together by anecdotes, opinions, contributions, and some nice visuals.

It doesn’t fare particularly well as far as SEO is concerned but was very successful as a conversation starter for Sales: they were given a 1,500-long prospect list, an interesting story, and prospect data to approach them with.

So make your content more equal than others. Leverage the tools and the tricks, but don’t forget the most powerful one: human intelligence.