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Fire Your AI Writing Tool!

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We'll write a 1,200-word, well-researched thought leadership article for USD $1,200 $499.

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AI is great at quickly generating fact-based content but isn’t creative enough to write a story that is interesting enough to create a buzz.

AI can’t form a true opinion, find an angle, reach out to subject matter experts, reference anecdotes, or articulate ideas you have about the future.

Which is what we do.

What topic should it cover?

The idea is to cover a topic that will get you noticed, aiming to be picked up by relevant publications and talked about on social media.

It’s also an opportunity to complement your SEO-driven articles with more thoughtful pieces to help position you as a smarter brand.

What does the process look like?

Every piece is different, but the general idea is to:

  1. Find a topic that is relevant to a specific customer segment
  2. Research key points, news, market stats, and competitors and determine a story and angle
  3. Figure out how your ICPs are impacted and how your solution can come to the rescue
  4. Reach out to subject matter experts and influencers for quotes
  5. Produce a unique, thoughtful piece that will get folk thinking
  6. Reach out to media and influencers who may be interested in picking up the story
  7. Share it on social media and get people talking about it

Can AI do all of the above? Perhaps in a few years’ time.

What you get

A 1,200 quality article researched, optimised and written by a human
1 graph or diagram include in the piece
Briefing for additional images
SEO keyword research & optimization
A list of 10 relevant news or influencer blog websites to reach out to
Outreach email copy
Social media post copy and image - LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
Getting Started

What should we write about?

You know your market and audience best. Send us through an idea, even a rough one, and we’ll email you back our thoughts on how to tackle it.

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